• Factors such as saving time and money on business trips:

  •     Airplane
        Low Productivity: Time lost on the way when not being available for work.

  • Development of business opportunities worldwide: Your customers and suppliers can be anywhere around the world.

  • Improve Customer Service: The video conferencing allows you to conduct meetings more effective at a lower cost and in a quick and easy.


As a Video conference Service Provider (VcSP), ITcenter is a company located in the City of Cancun, Mexico, whose main goal is to provide the best solutions in Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to meet your communication needs.


Video conference is part of a Unified Collaboration system (UC) that provides important benefits including: collaborative work between geographically distant people, better integration between workgroups and academics in different locations, among others. Following are some of the groups that currently benefit from the use of videoconferencing:

  • Video conference is a communication system designed to conduct remote meetings that enable real-time visual communications around the world.

  • The video conference is limited to an exchange of images and voices from elsewhere, as part of video is captured on camera and presented on a monitor, the audio is captured with a microphone and plays, so all participants can hear each other and also share video images with movement. 

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