As a Video conference Service Provider (VcSP), ITcenter is a company located in the City of Cancun, Mexico, whose main goal is to provide the best solutions in Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to meet your communication needs.

ITcenter is a group of committed partners and partnerships needed to build solutions with talent and experience, ensuring technology solutions aligned to business objectives.

The Video conferencing service can be provided in the comfort of your office or boardrooms, in any of our Video Conference facilities in Cancun, Mexico City and Monterrey City, on Any Convention Center and, in general, any location with a broadband internet connection or ISDN lines.

In order to fulfill your requirements, you can count on our experience and our alliances with mayor video conference service providers around the world. ITcenters public video conferencing rooms are listed worldwide in the International Video conferencing Public Facilities Directory.

Video conference is part of a Unified Collaboration system (UC) that provides important benefits including: collaborative work between geographically distant people, better integration between workgroups and academics in different locations, among others. Following are some of the groups that currently benefit from the use of videoconferencing:

• Students, Scholars and Researchers
• Entrepreneurs and Investors
• Hotel chains and Travel Agencies
• Doctors, Lawyers, Marketers and Advertisers
• Public Officials
• Remote Users
• Community at large